Instead of our usual breakdown with that week opponent, we decided to do some self-scouting.Q: After being forced to wait all year, the season is already halfway over. Do you think college football having such a short season helps or hurts the sport?A: Kinda both? I think it mostly helps, though - builds anticipation, allows us to talk about it year round despite the short nature. The anticipation is part of the fun of college football - the build up to Labor Day has been fun forever, and now we even get a mini build up to week 0.Q: Florida State currently finds itself at 2-4 (2-2 ACC) and in fourth (not last) place in the ACC Atlantic division. Has this team met, exceeded, or fallen short of your expectations?A: Oh man, you could have asked me this question multiple times throughout FSU 2021 season and I would have answered it 4 different ways. If you had told me before the season that FSU was 2-4, 2-2 in conference, 1-3 in one score games? I say they had met expectations - and I probably have thought the close games would have been Wake Forest, Louisville, Syracuse, and one of ND or UNC, with the wins being Jacksonville State and one of Wake/UL/Cuse. One score games even out to 50% over time, so that wouldn have deterred my thinking there. But I would never have expected the season to play out as it has. Q: If you had the power to instantly change one thing about FSU football program, what would it be? What if you had the power to change something about another program - which one would it be and what would you do? A: Genie, I wish FSU would go back to the old logo. Kidding, the old logo was overrated and the new one isn bad. Really though, I say that I wish we could wipe away the disastrous mistakes of the Willie Taggart hire. If I could change another program? Well, that easy. Florida gets the death penalty for the conduct of coach Charley Pell in the 80.Q: The remaining schedule includes UMass, Clemson, NC State, Miami, Boston College, and Florida. Only two of those teams are currently ranked and none of them above 20th. Make a guess. What FSU record the rest of the way? A: 3-3. Walt Bell and his fighting minutemen got their first win last week, with fans storming the field for a win over winless UCONN. I very pro-field storming, because it super fun Mycah Pittman Jersey, but woof. I think odds are FSU finds two wins with the remaining five. Q: Who gets fired first? Manny Diaz at Miami, or Ed Orgeron at LSU? A: Hopefully it Da Corch O. Agent Manny is doing an excellent job in Coral Gables and Miramar/Miami Gardens.Q: In your opinion, will Mike Norvell ever have a 10-win season in Tallahassee? A: If he can make it to 2025? Yes.Q: What your favorite horror movie? What your favorite costume youe ever worn for Halloween?A: I not a huge fan of horror movies, so Il say Shawn of the Dead. When I was in school at FSU I was the Most Interesting Man in the World from the Dos Equis commercials, and that was cool because part of the costume was drinking Dos Equis rather than natty or whatever was in the keg Florida State Football  FSU lands Arizona State WR transferNoles News: Dalvin Cook reacts to the current state of FSU football, ACC releases new COVID-19 policy  Florida State Seminoles Transfer Portal Thread #6  FSU Football: Noles in the ProsNoles News: Can FSU continue to have success in the transfer portal?